Who Is Ten-Headed Skeleton?

In 2001 I was using my legal name as a moniker. I tried to come up with a moniker I really liked and couldn’t think of anything, so I just used my name and thought to myself, “Oh one of these days I’ll think of a cool name”. Surprisingly, it’s taken me fifteen years to come up with something. I know some people are disappointed about the name change, but I really hate my name and think it actually works against me. The name Michael Nhat doesn’t stand out. The last name is mispronounced by everyone at first (Unless they’re Vietnamese). And it just doesn’t sound creative enough. I want a name people want to get behind. If I wasn’t Michael Nhat, and someone referred to me a rapper with that name, I might dismiss him as well just because the name didn’t speak to me.

New 12inch Vinyl: Extinction Of The Horse


New 12inch Vinyl “Extinction Of The Horse” by Ten-Headed Skeleton

I’m beginning the new year with a new album and new moniker. Vinyl will be released in Spring 2017. Digital download will be available January 1st, 2017 at Bandcamp.com and streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.

  1. Let’s Make A Man-Made Flood
  2. Do You Want To Destroy Humans?
  3. Blood
  4. How’d You Like To Be Drowning Alone?
  5. Romeo and Juliet
  6. Civil War II
  7. They Use Fingernails For Their Currency
  8. Aliens
  9. It’s Us (Aliens Pt. II)
  10. The End Of Everything
  11. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction As Beauty (David Bowie Cover)